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FIRE - Norske Skog, Halden

On the 2nd of February 2011 a central production unit caught fire at one of the worlds largest producers of paper for papers and magazines Norske Skog in Halden, Norway. Even though the fire was quickly extinguished the cables in the factory was severely damaged and 75 % of the total productions capacity, which amounts to 500.000 tons paper for magazines a year, was brought to a standstill. A massive cleaning and reconditioning work now had to be faced.

The burnt cables had caused extensive secondary damages in form of corrosion due development of chlorides during the fire because of the involved plastic materials.

Norske Skog had with assistance from their own staff and external co-operation partners started the repair work. AREPA was called based on their vast experience concerning the effects of corrosive damages on technical equipment to join the project management group and assist the project manager from Norske Skog, Rune Østgård in reconditioning as much of the production apparatus as possible.

Within the span of 6 weeks the part of the production plant that could be saved has been restored. AREPA has during this period assisted with the planning and organisation of the restoration work, which has involved more than 250 persons from Norske Skog and their sub-suppliers. The work has involved chloride tests and inspection of thousands of inspection points and consultancy concerning the effects of a fire, where technical equipment is involved.

Now that the restoration has been finalized Norske Skog can test the equipment while the remaining installation work is being finalized to enable the production to be started as quickly as possible.

Rune Østgård, Project Manager, Norske Skog states:

"The assistance that AREPA has given us in connection with the restoration of our production unit TMP2 has been of invaluable help. This means that we have had knowledgeable instructions to ensure that we have been able to take the right decisions when evaluating what could be repaired and what had to be changed. But also knowledge of how the repairs themselves hat to be made to achieve the best possible result. The fact is that suppliers of mechanical and electrical equipment know very little of what is happening with their equipment when it is exposed to fire. For this reason the suppliers would often recommend to change everything to be on the safe side, which in most incidents would make the restoration unnecessary costly but also cause considerable longer time to finalize the restoration process".

"With AREPA as a fully-fledged member of the project management team responsible for the restoration, the other members (Building, Mechanical, Pipes, Hydraulics, Power, Automation and Operating System) could focus on reconstructing the factory. When they have had questions they could refer to and discuss the problem with AREPA and have precise instructions how to proceed".

"Our recommendations to other who are hit by a fire is to contact AREPA immediately and have their representative on the damage place as quickly as possible. The reason being that it is extremely important to start the right measures at once. Considerable values can be secured by quick action due to a less comprehensive and thus quicker restoration".

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